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  1. BSBRichieWest

    Richie West Says Hello

    Hey Everyone! June is coming to an end and summer is here in Arizona. The temperature gets to about 105 degrees everyday and I don't let the heat hold me back from getting out and enjoying the great outdoors doing things like hiking in the mountains, road tripping and flying with no A/C! Life...
  2. DChristopher

    New Broke Straight Boys TV YouTube Channel

    Hey everyone, After YouTube deleted our YouTube Channel without warning, we are happy to announce that we're back up and running with a brand new channel. You can subscribe at https://www.youtube.com/brokestraightboystv for exclusive clips, commercials, news, updates, and more. Subscribe Today!
  3. ChuckBluMedia

    If you could build the most perfect porn website...

    Hello Everyone, For those of you who do not know me I work with an amazing team behind the scenes of this website. If there are technical errors I am the guy they call first. I wanted to get some feedback from you our loyal members, because after all, you are the reason we are here. We...