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  1. BSBRichieWest

    Richie West is Back!

    Hi Everyone, I am very grateful for all of the love and support that my fans have been showing me after seeing my recent "comeback" scene with Bentley Lane. As some of you mentioned, I was a little nervous because it had been such a long time since I was in front of the camera at BSB. Overall...
  2. BSBRichieWest

    Belated Happy Thanksgiving From Richie West

    Hi Everyone! I hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving. I am heading back to the model house to film more scenes in a couple days, which I am excited about. I haven't had any type of sexual fun since I was last out filming scenes in October so it will be great to play around with some cuties...
  3. BSBRichieWest

    A Message to My Fans

    Good morning Everyone! I hope everyone had a fun and wild 4th of July. I just wanted to touch base with everyone and get some feedback from those who joined my chaturbate show on Sunday, July 7th. I had a blast as always and I hope some of my amazing BSB fans were able to check it out and...
  4. BSBRichieWest

    Richie West Says Hello

    Hey Everyone! June is coming to an end and summer is here in Arizona. The temperature gets to about 105 degrees everyday and I don't let the heat hold me back from getting out and enjoying the great outdoors doing things like hiking in the mountains, road tripping and flying with no A/C! Life...
  5. BSBRichieWest

    My Shoot Week Experience

    Good Morning Everyone! As many of you know, I am now 21 years old. May 2019 shoot week was truly amazing. I am now home relaxing and thinking of all of the memories I had made in just a week. I almost didn’t want to come back home. The Guys at BSB threw a surprise birthday party for me and I...
  6. BSBRichieWest

    Check Up From The Neck Up

    HEY GUYS! Whats Up? Just seeing how everyone is doing. I am very happy to still be with BSB and looking forward to soo many more hot scenes in the future. I hope to hear from you guys in this thread :)
  7. BSBRichieWest

    Richie's First Message Board Post

    Hey Everyone, I want to start off by saying thank you to all of my amazing fans for their support and positivity along the way. It's almost been a year since I started doing porn and I can confidently say that it has been such a fun ride. This post is mainly about what my fans would like to...