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jake spencer

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    Twitter Account of Jake Spencer

    Anybody get a twitter message asking to send Jake a DM? I did, and he sent back the word "coo", with an image. Then instantly blocked me for no reason at all. I'm assuming it has something to do with BSB.
  2. D

    jake spencer looks bored

    Hi: I know the guy is cute and at the beginning he acted like he was really into his performance. The last couple he seemed bored. Perhaps he is learning that porn is a job which means it is hard work and not always fun. Regardless he needs to get his energy up. That energy is the reason i...
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    Time for Jake Spencer to get fucked

    HI: It is time to step things up and watch Jake Spencer get fucked or at least do a flip flop
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    what happened to jake spencer

    Jake spencer did his solo then vanished. What happened?