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  1. T

    Can't Believe………...

    I just can't believe that the powers that be at " Broke Straight Boys" haven't given us more of Brice Jones. You FINALLY hire a HOT Black Model( Hell……It was refreshing to see an Ethnic Model of any Race) And you do…………….Barely any scenes with him. I figured there'd be a least ONE scene with...
  2. S

    Paul & Damien

    The newest video of Paul topping Damien showcased two of my four favorite current BSB models (Liam is on that list the fourth varies) and demonstrated why I am a fan of the two. Paul is a great top and in this particular video he was actually funny to watch because I swear it looked like he was...
  3. rrhill

    Jimmys (+Aaron) review

    In 7,5 hours time from now, the much expected new Jimmy video will be released. This is the video review thread. Please do not post here until 12:01am ET. Anticipation is half the fun, for comments regarding Jimmy that can't wait, member Jayshaw created the Jimmys coming thread. Join the party!
  4. J

    BSB Can we please see more of Logan?

    Logan is one of my favorite models and I love to see him sensually top other sexy models...He used to do a lot of scenes but I haven't seen anything new from him in a while. Tell him to make a new, hot scene! Anyone else agree?
  5. T

    Shawn Lovers Unite

    okay guys, I think Shawn is the cutest, funniest, and nicest guy on BSB. Not to mention his hot cock and awesome facial expressions. i need more of him!! i'd love to see some more videos with him and other cute guys. he's even hotter now that he's a little older. ideally i'd love to see him...
  6. D

    behind the scenes

    scott and leon. white hot. i don't know how you do it, sir, but you have a way with words and a way with people. i have forgotten my manners; thank you.
  7. R

    Am I the only one that likes soft dicks?

    I have and always will love BSB but its so sad that the boys usually get hard before they take their underwear off. Maybe I'm the only one, but I love watching a guys dick swell, its way hotter than starting hard. Is there any reason this is done? Any chance we could see some more soft dicks...
  8. B

    Giovanni & Jordan

    Wow. Just, wow!
  9. W

    Shane And Gino!

    I was wondering if Gino will be comming back or has come back for another shoot? He is hot as hell!!!!!