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  1. L

    Facial Hair or no?

    I hear that their is a rule you have to grow facial hair? I like clean shaven, and miss the models clean shaven? any Thougt's!
  2. nickbrady

    About pubic hair

    Young boys with hairless pubes is cool. Men with shaved pubes is lame. Trimming up a big bush so it looks neater is OK, but men have pubes dammit. When I watch a scene I try to imagine what the action would feel like if it was me doing the sex. If I go down on a guy I like to feel his bush...
  3. lpdude86

    Models Chest Hair

    Hey BSB Forumites: Here is a poll for you. Do you like to see the models: (this question pertains to chest hair only):001_smile: A) Natural, with the chest hair they are born with. B) With their chest hair trimmed neatly ("manscaped"). C) Shaved smooth and or waxed. D) With stubble from a...