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damien kyle

  1. DChristopher

    Sneak Peek at Paul & Damian in New BTS Short Film

    Hey all, Just wanted to share a few stills from a little project that I've been working on with Paul and Damien. It's a semi-erotic tale that the boys really shine in. It's a little different than what we've done before on the site and we hope you like it. It will debut sometime in the next two...
  2. ChuckBluMedia

    DAMIEN KYLE, PAUL CANON AND CAGE - Happy Black Friday!

    Hello Everyone! I hope you don't have to go out in the cold to get the best deals for US Black Friday Holiday, right after the Thanksgiving Holiday. :) We would like to thank you all for being valued members as a special thank you, we will be showing the update with Cage, Paul and Damien early...
  3. S

    Paul & Damien

    The newest video of Paul topping Damien showcased two of my four favorite current BSB models (Liam is on that list the fourth varies) and demonstrated why I am a fan of the two. Paul is a great top and in this particular video he was actually funny to watch because I swear it looked like he was...
  4. ChuckBluMedia

    Hey Everyone, we have New Avatars!

    Hello All, I wanted to let you know we added some new avatars for your enjoyment. To update go under your "settings" tab (top right of this page) and on the left column choose "Edit Avatar". You will see new avatars under the drop list for: I Love... and Team Avatars. Screen shot of our...