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dakota ford

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    Dakota Ford Fucks Chris Taylor Raw1

    Random question: One of the "Member Favorites" videos on my home page is Dakota Ford Fucks Chris Taylor Raw1. Does/did the #1 mean that this is supposed to be a two-part scene? (If so, where is the other half?) This was my interpretation at the time, but seeing as we're now ten months out and...
  2. P

    Dakota ford not returning to bsb!!!

    Dakota Ford made a comment about not returning to BSB on twitter. Is this true? Please tell me it's not. Does he have anymore scenes coming out?
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    Dakota Ford is the BOMB

    I've been watching Dakota Ford non-stop. Where did you find this awesome guy. He's so down to earth and truly likeable. I want more of him...
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    Dakota Ford is Dakota on Guys Gone Wild site

    This goes to prove that even sites like BSB, who seemingly finds guys on the street, real amateur guys...actually just have a TYPE of guy they look for and use modeling agencies to find them, just like any other guy site online....can anyone truly find real amateurs anymore? BSB Version 1 did a...