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  1. E

    I'm looking for a perticular video...

    Can anyone recommend a video where the top doesnt pull out and just cums inside, or do those videos dont exist here? lol
  2. B

    I've been wondering????

    Has there ever been a BSB that orgasmed or came without touching his dick while being fucked? I would love to see one of my favorite straight boys cum from being fucked. I'm just curious.
  3. shyhedgehog

    Mum in mouth/swallow vids

    Hey guys There's no tag for cum swallow vids so I'm struggling to find all of them. Such a fuckin HUGE turn on! Which ones do u recommend? Shy x
  4. lpdude86

    Self pleasure clean up

    OK Time a for a new poll, I don't think this question has been asked before. The question is: After you have completed a self pleasure session, how do you clean up your ejaculation?:sperm: 1: Wipe it up with a tissue 2: Scoop it up and eat it 3: Ejaculate into something, no clean up needed...